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Food Gifts That Matter

By December 7, 2021December 14th, 2022Audience: Everyone, G.A.P. Meal Ideas

It’s holiday time once again. How’s your shopping going? Are you struggling to come up with original gift ideas this year? Your dad probably has enough ties and socks, and your mom certainly has enough scarves and gloves. Have you ever thought about giving the gift of food? After all, food has magical powers. It nourishes us, soothes us, excites us, and unites us.

This year consider giving a food gift that supports farmers, producers, and brands who care about farm animal welfare. Like we always say, when you purchase a G.A.P. Certified meat or egg product, you are voting with your dollars for better farm animal welfare practices. Every purchase makes a difference. We can’t begin to change a food production system overnight; but, slowly, we can make a difference. One purchase at a time.

Many of our G.A.P. partners have created special holiday gift boxes. And many of them have gift certificates and gift cards available on their sites. We’ve curated our “Top 10 list” of G.A.P. partner gifts worth considering. Thank you, in advance, for your support. We wish you and your families a joyful holiday season filled with all the things that make your heart happy.

#1 – Brasstown Beef Gift Boxes

Longtime G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified partner, Brasstown Beef, located in North Carolina, raises Pasture Raised cattle to G.A.P.’s Step 4 standards. You can find their delicious, high quality beef in restaurants across the Southeast as well as many Whole Foods Market locations along the east coast. Their Variety Gift Box (pictured above) contains ribeye steaks, chuck roast, ground beef, sausage, and hot dogs. Choose from hot or mild sausage. Order by 12/13 and 12/14 in time for Christmas. Check out their holiday boxes here (including a NY Strip Lovers Box and a Steak Lovers Box!). Gift certificates are also available. You can even include a personalized Christmas postcard with your gift!

#2 – Cooks Venture Chicken Gift Boxes

Customize a box of delicious chicken from Cooks Venture delivered right to your door! You can customize your box with specific chicken parts, or whole chickens. They also have gift cards. Join their mailing list and get $20 off your first order! Check out their boxes here – you’ll love the taste!

#3 – Rancho Llano Seco Holiday Gift Boxes

Longtime G.A.P. Certified partner, Rancho Llano Seco, located in California, has a fantastic variety of holiday gift boxes. Choose from the holiday box (pictured above) featuring ground pork, porchetta, sausage, bacon, and ham steaks, or browse their other gift boxes including a taco meat sampler, salami sampler, breakfast box, family meat box, and much more. They also offer gift cards for your gifting convenience. Browse their many delicious options on their website here. Bon Appetit!

#4 – Seemore Sausage Variety Packs and Fun Merch

Did someone say “sausage”?! G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified Seemore Meats & Veggies combines delicious G.A.P. Certified meats with veggies in savory combinations like Chicken Chili Verde, Broccoli Melt, Chicken Parm, and Loaded Baked Potato. They also have an awesome merch section in their Store with sausage apparel, calendars, socks, and jewelry for sausage-loving friends and family everywhere. Check out their website and gift away! Gift cards also available.

#5 – Country Natural Beef Gift Boxes 

Another one of our valued G.A.P. Certified partners, Country Natural Beef, based in picturesque Oregon, raises their cattle on pasture to our strict Step 4 / Pasture Raised animal welfare standards. They have long believed in honoring the animals and the land, and the taste of their meat reflects those values. Check out their Butcher Shop to find the gift your beef-lover is dreaming about. Gift cards also available.

#6 – Butcher Box Subscription

Have you ever looked into a Butcher Box subscription for your family or friend? It’s convenient and shipping is free. Choose from 4 curated boxes or create your own custom box. Then, select a delivery frequency that meets your needs and look forward to receiving your first box at your doorstep. Butcher Box is a certified B-Corp, meeting the highest standards for social and environmental impact. Right now, they have a limited offer of Free Bacon with $100 off… so don’t delay. Grab your deal and sign up for your first box today!  

#7 – Thompson Farms Gift Boxes

What you see in the photo above is Santa’s Favorite Breakfast. Seems about right, doesn’t it?! Santa has a hard job… good thing he gets to relax on Christmas morning with a feast of delicious Thompson Farms sausage links, patties, and bacon. And then it’s time for Santa’s Christmas Day nap. 🙂 Don’t miss out on your chance to be like Santa. Thompson Farms is a G.A.P. Certified family owned and operated pig farm based in Georgia. You can find Thompson Farms pork in your local Whole Foods Market or visit Thompson Farms’ website to view all of the many product offerings they ship directly. 

#8 – LaQuercia Gift Boxes

Are you entertaining this holiday season? Time for a charcuterie board! G.A.P. Certified partner, LaQuercia, has you covered. They sell a variety of gift boxes perfect for everyone on your list. Go to their website to order today. Free shipping over $50.

#9 – TruBeef Gift Boxes

At TruBeef, you can buy a curated box or build your own box of delicious grass-fed, pasture raised, G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified beef. You can also get 5% OFF and 2 lbs. of ground beef FREE on each and every recurring subscription order of $159 or more. You can change, pause, or cancel at any time. You’re also free to add, swap, or delete items from any online subscription box (customized box) for your delivery. TruBeef is also one of a small handful of beef purveyors in the world that holds a Certified Carbon Neutral Certification. All of their family farms are carbon negative. Shop their online gift boxes today!

#10 – Don’t forget your Pets!

Did you know there are many high quality, G.A.P. Animal Welfare Certified pet food and treat brands? Why not consider adding G.A.P. Certified treats to your pet’s stocking this year? Most of our pet food partners ship directly and offer different varieties of G.A.P. Certified pet food (for dogs and cats) as well as treats. Shop G.A.P. Certified brands here: Tender & True Pet, Open Farm Pet (get 15% off when you join their mailing list), Canidae Sustain Pet Food, Halo Pet food, Earth Animal Wisdom dog food, Nugget’s Healthy Eats treats, Freshpet, Campfire Treats, Evermore Pet Food, The Honest Kitchen, Rawr Cat Food, and Happy ‘N Healthy treats.

Thank you for shopping (and gifting) G.A.P. Certified brands. As the year winds down, we are thankful for all of our partners, as well as our valued fans and fellow meat lovers, who care about how their food is raised. If you have yet to make a tax-deductible donation this year, we hope you will consider donating to our organization. We can’t continue to impact the lives of farm animals without your support. If you can’t make a donation this year, please follow us on social media and tell a friend about the good work we are doing. Every voice matters. Happy holidays to you and yours!