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Cheap Valentines Day 2016 Ideas 40+

Some people think that one can only express his/her by spending big money. This is not true. Especially if you are male and you are proposing a girl on this upcoming valentine’s day then you can checkout this post on cheap valentines day ideas. Everybody knows gift sellers mostly celebrate this day. They used to hike the prices of gifts on this particular day to enjoy big profit.

Cheap Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2016

Some people prefer to show off by spending big money for their girlfriends or wife. A girl just want to be treated as special. And if you can treat her in a special way then believe me nothing can be better than that. Some people also prefer writing poems on cards while some others plan a big dinner for their girlfriend.Here we’re listing some of the Cheap ideas for a brilliant Valentine's day. It will surely help you from a big dent in your pocket.

Prepare a card for him/her

You can either prepare a homemade or ready made for your crush. Just try to be simple in it. If you are making a homemade card then you can also use stickers and colourful stars to give it a final touch. you could send a nice romantic poem or you can also send funny cards to someone you love.On the other hand if you have some good budget then try to buy a musical card. It is very much popular these days. You can add some quality to it by writing some custom poems in it. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will love it.


Cooking for her is the way too intimate.Everyone loves eating food. And someone has rightly said that ”way to heart goes from tummy”. Especially if you are hubby or boyfriend then cooking specially for her will bring some big smile to your girlfriend. Remember if you are doing cooking for the first time then do not go for some big complex recipe. Try to cook something simple. A lot of recipes are available of YouTube. If your girlfriend is health conscious then you can also try cooking pale food. A wine before the dinner would also work perfect for this day.

Do everything yourself

You can also show your true love by restricting her/him to do anything. Just do everything for her. If you are a husband then you can lift your wife to move her from one room to another. Believe me this is one of the best idea to make her smile a whole day.In case if you are a woman, then you can also refer our cute valentines day ideas for boyfriend article which will give you tons of other ideas that you can use to impress him.

A Spa Day

Girls love spa.Try a home spa for your partner. Your crush will love when you give a homemade spa to her. In case, if you are still unsure about how to give a massage then you can try out some YouTube videos. Make her feel relax all the day.You can access you tube videos to learn few spa techniques to through surprise at your partner. Massage could also lead to supreme satisfaction. Have a look at the one of the best massage that you could give to either men or women.

Revive old memories

Would you rather prefer to revive the old memories? here is special gift is highly recommended for the people who are married or dating each other for a long time.

Make a video by collecting pictures

If you are in a relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend from a long time then you can also gift her a video which will revive all the old memories of your relationship. Today lots of online tools are available to convert a collection of pictures to a video. You can also add a custom song or your favourite song in it.

Watch a romantic movie on valentines day 2016

A romantic movie with your love is one of the finest gift for Valentine’s Day 2016. Just purchase a romantic movie DVD from a local store and watch it with your girlfriend or wife.
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